Jewel Thief Steals From National Triathlon Champion and Tries to Run Away

Bryan McCrystal (left), the Irish National Triathlon Champion and Stephen Ralph, a marathoner, chased down a jewel thief

In Dundalk, Ireland recently, a 36 year old man walked into a jewelry store, stole a valuable bracelet and tried to run away.

What the jewelry thief did not know is that the 2 guys working behind the counter are very fast endurance athletes. Stephen Ralph, 28, is a marathoner who owns the store with Bryan McCrystal, 31, the 2012 Irish National Triathlon Champion. The suspect asked to look at a particular bracelet and once he had it in his hands, he looked at Ralph, said "Thank You" and then ran outside to his bike.

Ralph charged out the door after him and grabbed the rear wheel of his bicycle as the suspect was trying to ride away. The suspect got off the bike and started running down the street just as McCrystal ran out the store looking for him. McCrystal took off running and caught the jewel thief within 200 meters. It just goes to show you that crime never pays, especially when you are trying to commit a crime against a national triathlon champion.

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